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“I feel you should test it out on some random person.” Hong Dali stroked his chin. “Actually, I feel that love is strange. Being impulsive is bad. You should find a love expert and test out how love feels. Then, you should experience it fully and try to shift your focus before deciding if you want to continue—the love expert should be someone who is inferior in all aspects, that should be closer to the mysterious person’s persona. Look, he does not even dare to reveal his name, he must have all sorts of flaws. Anyway, something must be wrong with him!”


The fight was about to begin. Li Yang was very careful. He hurriedly struck the fighting pose that he had learned from Geezer Wang and called out in a low voice, We can fight, but I will not let you pass even if you win. As lackeys, if we cannot even protect our masters, we would be useless!


For this couple, Hong Dali entering the Universe was like a part of their heart had disappeared. They didn’t have the interest or passion to do anything now.


Such a familiar scene. Hong Weiguo roared with laughter. Little rascal, youre still taking money from me. Your Dalis Pan-Entertainment Civil Technology Group Corporations monthly income is 1.6 million. If you need money, go get it from Running Dog.


Yes, Grandpa. Jiang Qianxue nodded. This time she considered for a longer time and then she cheered up. Her eyes were once again bright. She smiled and said, I understand now. I know what I should do now.


This Dali, as a gold-level Double Honorary Aristocrat he did something so prodigal. Luckily I discovered it early. Otherwise, I would have suffered a big loss today!

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“The last time that such a super-genius appeared was over a thousand years ago, right? At that time, the number one warrior in Milky Way, Duan Xuan, had also gone through something like this too. But I think he only made it to level 27, right?”


Dont worry. Its okay. Tang Muxin quickly changed the topic. Speaking of which, this Star Harbor is really big. There are so many things inside. Unfortunately, we dont really need anything and cant shop. Its such a mood spoiler.


Big Brother Fang! Hong Dali winked at Fang Han. How long have you been here? I was going to gift you something after the auction ended.


I know Hong Dali came up with this to generate publicity. The problem is, after he gets enough publicity, how is he going to make money? Huaqing had been sitting here thinking about it for quite a long time. After all, he had the talent to run a business as a Double Honorary Aristocrat, but he still had to learn from others. As a Double Honorary Aristocrat, if all of Hong Dalis businesses showed losses when it came the time for advancement, pulling strings would not help him. The most important thing now was to figure out how Hong Dali was intending to make a profit.


“OK, I got it.” The mysterious man softly nodded. Then, he shook his head and gave a bitter smile. “Looks like we are in for big trouble.”


“Yup, if they are fighting now, that would be normal.” Yin Lieyang slowly nodded and said, “Eight Fourth Order Planet-level starships, there shouldn’t be a big problem.” After thinking for a while, he waved his hand and said, “You may leave now, report to me immediately once you have news on them.”


“Brother Dali!” Seeing Hong Dali finally coming out from the Tower of Trials, Yin Tianzong laughed loudly and walked up to welcome him. Upon seeing Hong Dali, he instantly said, “Brother Dali, a super-genius appeared from our Shenluo City! A super-genius! He passed level 30! He passed all of the 30 levels in just one afternoon, how impressive is that?”



“Huh? Something even better than this!?” Hearing this, Yin Tianzong was instantly astonished! The Meridian Seven Star Sword was already very precious to him, but Hong Dali had something even better!?



After all, he ate Dali beans every day. His rate of growth was bound to be exceptionally fast. With such a ferocious armor-clad tiger, they attracted a sizable amount of attention. However, this type of attention was different from the kind they attracted as Honorary Aristocrats.


Jiang Qianxue felt proud too. After all, her boyfriend was so capable, and so she felt capable too—even though this boyfriend was fake…


It was rare for such a super genius to appear in the Milky Way. But this person could not be located. This made the old man feel aggrievedwas it easy for the genius?

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