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“That’s why!” Hong Dali chuckled, his face serene. “You must use a luminous cup to drink this wine! Once the wine is in the luminous cup, its color becomes more like fresh blood. Drinking the wine will be like drinking blood. As the saying goes, aspire to eat your enemies, laugh and chat while drinking the blood of the Zerg. That’s style, that’s ambition!”


Zhang Yi looked for a while, then put down the test tube and said, “The information isn’t very good. The function of this bug is something like that of a scout. Therefore, if there are Zergs near our planet, they should already be on their way here. As for how long they will take to get here, that’s hard to say. If fast, they may be here in half a month or so. If slow, maybe one or two hundred years. Of course, if there’s no Zergs nearby, there won’t be any problem.”


“Acka? This name…” Alright, Hong Dali didn’t seem to have any talent in naming at all. Acka was still acceptable, so Tang Muxin instantly nodded and said, “This name is easy to remember!” Saying so, she stretched out her hand and hugged little Acka into her arms. Looking at it left and right, you don’t say, although this little fellow is a little ugly, it was quite interesting to look at…


Understood. Ace gently lifted his hand and put it on the stone tablet. Soon, the stone tablet displayed his Tower of Trials results: King P. Ace from the planet Red Saturnian, level twenty-two of the Tower of Trials, cleared on the fifth attempt.


In a sweet voice, Tang Muxin praised him. “Well said, Dali. Grandpa White Beard chose a good piece of jade. Uncle Black Sword has superb skills!”


Someone whom an Honorary Aristocrat would call Lord, there was only one possibilitythis silver-colored hair beauty was a Galaxy Aristocrat?!

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There were already three to five passers-by standing in front of the shop that Hong Dali bought. They looked at the gems embedded armor in the shop and discussed among themselves


People need to relax sometimes. The old man smiled and sipped the wine. This wine is not bad.


Yes. Scott took a big step forward. It was a twenty-three- or twenty-four-year-old young man with red hair. He looked confident and wore an extremely proud smile on his face. Do I put my hand here?


Hehe, who said we need big scenes? Hong Dali smiled sinisterly. We can make small scenes work as well. Speaking of which, I do have something in mind.


En, en, en. My Xinxin has always been capable. Tang Ruixi grinned and patted on the back of Tang Muxins hand. I could tell since you were a little girl.


“Yup, indeed, it’s about the same as what we predicted.” The Bureau Chief nodded and said, “Since that’s the case, Earth might have already been exposed to the sight of the Zergs?”


Mister Gate turned to look at Hong Dali, then, he suddenly laughed. “Wahahaha, what an interesting kid. What, are you going to attack me?”



“Bureau Chief, good news, good news!” A guard ran into the Bureau Chief’s office in long strides and shouted. “Good news, Bureau Chief!”



As they chatted, Tang Muxin saw them and joked. Dali, someone is striking up a conversation with your experimental girlfriend. Hehe. This Li Tianxing is indeed here for Sister Qianxue.


What do you mean some knowledge. Its very knowledgeable! Gate chuckled as he touched his chin. Speaking of which, what are you doing here instead of guarding Beta Planet?


He hoped she would never find the super genius. If she did, there would be no escape for him ahhhhhh!

  • “I don’t want to either!” Qianxue said helplessly, “But you are the only person I can talk to! I’m a Galaxy Aristocrat, ordinary people would be too scared to do anything like that with me. If I ask another Galaxy Aristocrat, what if they think I really want to marry them?! If that happens, I will never be able to explain myself! You are my last resort…”
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